Bladder Cancer Caused By Actos Diabetes Medication

Actos bladder cancer lawsuit

Prior to FDA approval, while Actos was still in testing, it was already being associated with bladder cancer and tumor growth. After approval, many people who took this medication developed bladder cancer. This has, of course, led to numerous lawsuits and settlements.

Actos bladder cancer settlements

Takeda, the pharmaceutical manufacturer who makes Actos,  is facing more than 3,000 federal lawsuits over failing to adequately warn patients of the risks of the diabetes drug and its propensity to cause bladder cancer.

A California jury awarded a former Actos user and bladder cancer victim $6.5 million in May 2013. However, the judge in the case threw out the verdict, saying the plaintiff did not demonstrate a link between Actos and cancer. The case is under appeal.

Four months later, a Maryland jury granted a victim’s family $1.7 million after he died from bladder cancer. His attorneys said his death was the result of taking Actos four years prior to his diagnosis.

Actos bladder cancer attorney evaluation

Since 2014 an estimated 4k active Actos lawsuits have been filed in both State and Federal Courts throughout the U.S, including California, Illinois, Louisiana and Nevada. Some Actos lawsuits have resulted in large awards for the plaintiffs; however each verdict has been thrown out in favor of Takeda.

Legal experts still anticipate that patients that have contracted bladder cancer, without any other risk factors – such as smoking – could have average case settlement values north of $250K. It is expected more trials will take place in 2014, however plaintiffs may not see financial rewards until 2015 or beyond.